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Currency Notes 51.0016INRBuy 49.5554INRSell
Travel Card 51.0016INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
25-10-2016 51.0016 49.5554
24-10-2016 52.0539 50.3207
23-10-2016 51.98 50.1537
22-10-2016 51.98 50.3037
21-10-2016 51.977 50.7117
20-10-2016 52.4343 51.0091

INR to CAD Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Chennai

Canada bound travellers from Chennai must be looking for cheap INR to CAD conversion rates. Fxkart is the best place to avail such low currency conversion rates along with excellent forex services.

Why Choose Fxkart for INR to CAD Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Chennai?

You should not be moving around the entire city of Chennai, looking for a reliable money changer who can help you with good INR to CAD /CAD to INR conversion rate.

Fxkart is a onetime solution to all currency conversion needs. We process Forex deals through a live bidding process which lets you view real-time market rates, analyse those and finally decide on the cheapest and the nearest available forex. 

This will thus ensure that you are not cheated or trapped by any fraudulent Forex agent. Fxkart values its Chennai customers’ time and money and therefore strives hard to provide the finest forex services with proper transparency.

How to convert INR to CAD/CAD to INR

A forex transaction is quite easy to make on Fxkart. You simply need to buy CAD travel cards and/or Canadian dollar currency notes with your Indian money for converting INR to CAD.

In case you have extra CAD Forex left with you even after your Canada trip, you can sell it to us at favorable CAD to INR conversion rates.

We provide free membership to our Chennai users. Our mobile application provides an even faster platform for converting money. Fxkart’s team members provide proper assistance to all its customers in case of any difficulty.

One can thus satisfy himself/herself at Fxkart with these extra benefits along with superb money exchange rates.