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Currency Notes 52.1941INRBuy 50.5084INRSell
Travel Card 52.1941INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
28-10-2016 52.1941 50.5084
27-10-2016 52.3973 51.2472
26-10-2016 52.9291 51.5882
25-10-2016 52.3967 51.2291
24-10-2016 52.4024 51.2167
23-10-2016 52.0024 50.8801

INR to AUD Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Lucknow

The Australian dollar is denoted by the $ sign and sometimes it is written as A$ with distinguishes it from other dollar currencies of the world. It is further sub divided into 100 cents.

As of 2011, FxKart INR to AUD Buy or Sell in Lucknow is the fifth most traded currency in the world. This currency is popular with the currency traders because of the higher interest rates and because of the greater amount of exposure to Asian markets and the commodities. The reserve bank of Australia is the highest banking authority in the country.

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All of us are aware of the fact that old people are prone to fragile injuries during their trips abroad. Even a small fall can result in fractures. Hip fractures are common and require one to be hospitalized for a considerable period of time.

Though the cost of treatment is relatively cheaper in India, it can send down shivers down your spine when you are in a country like Australia. FxKart INR to AUD Exchange in Lucknow guards you against such uncertainties and asks you to opt for a travel insurance plan. Such a plan ensures that you are covered against all unprotected acts.

Best deals on travel cards

The travel cards of FxKart INR to AUD Exchange in Lucknow is plastic money. You avoid the uncomfortable situation of carrying cash and the safety along with the security aspect is taken care off in the best possible manner.