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Currency Notes 18.7636INRBuy 17.9088INRSell
Travel Card 18.7636INRBuy
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Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
28-10-2016 18.7636 17.9088
27-10-2016 19.2006 18.3179
26-10-2016 19.3821 18.2459
25-10-2016 19.1956 18.3101
24-10-2016 19.1956 18.3115
23-10-2016 18.8146 18.2079

INR to AED Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Thiruvananthapuram

Fxkart INR to AED Exchange in Thiruvananthapuram is an online platform that facilitates the foreign exchange for people traveling to and fro from India. In recent times FxKart INR to AED Buy or Sell in Thiruvananthapuram has launched a mobile app that brings across dealers from all over the country.

They claim it to be the first mobile booking app of the country. It was an Indian-focused company that was established in the year 2013, with the aim of simplifying the process of Forex for the users. A lot of international travelers have benefited by their services.

Superior Levels Of Customer Service

FxKart INR to AED Conversion in Thiruvananthapuram aims to change the inefficient and irresponsible level of behavior by other exchange hubs in the country. You get the opportunity to compare rates from Currency Exchange Agents all over the country and then choose the rate that is fit according to your viewpoint.

It is also an advantage for the customers as several Money Exchange Dealers are competing for the best of rates and the focal point of these services are all of it is provided free of cost.

FxKart Travel Cards

They are another method of carrying abroad and you do not have the sleepless nights of carrying hard cash round that is prone to thefts. It is similar in operation to a debit card and you can download multiple currencies as per your choices.

In the event of you losing the card, replacement is assured at the earliest possible juncture.