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Currency Notes 18.7565INRBuy 17.9017INRSell
Travel Card 18.7565INRBuy
Total Deals


Date Buy Rate Sell Rate
24-10-2016 18.7565 17.9017
23-10-2016 18.8146 18.2079
22-10-2016 19.2146 18.3079
21-10-2016 19.1935 18.3175
20-10-2016 19.1556 18.2896
19-10-2016 19.1501 18.2205

INR to AED Exchange (BUY/SELL) In Lucknow

FxKart INR to AED Exchange in Lucknow is an online aggregator of foreign exchange dealers. It had its inception in the year 2013 and began operations in the year 2015. In March that year it went on to receive some amount of funding from the owners.

Currency + Travel Card = Smart Traveler

It is much safer with FxKart INR to AED Buy or Sell in Lucknow. In a lot of ways, it is like carrying cash with you but it is safer than carrying around too much cash or rather than leaving it in your hotel room where it is not safe also.

The main advantage of a travel card is that your cash is safe even if the card is lost or stolen. All you need to do is to get in touch with FxKart INR to AED exchange in Lucknow and get the card blocked.

Depending upon your location you can get a new one reissued or at least get a new one when you return home.

Best Deals on Travel Cards!

Among parents, these cards are popular to give to the parents when they are on a holiday. It is also a good way to teach them to spend as the general tendency among them is to overspend.

The only point to consider with these cards is not to withdraw cash as the banks tend to levy hefty charges on them. The policy should be to use it maximum when you are purchasing.