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Currency Notes 67.66 66.47
Travel Card 67.66 N/A
Wire Transfer 67.66 N/A
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Currency Notes 85.6829 80.7018
Travel Card 85.6829 N/A
Wire Transfer 85.6829 N/A
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Currency Notes 74.1218 72.4361
Travel Card 74.1218 N/A
Wire Transfer 74.1218 N/A
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Currency Notes 52.1941 50.5084
Travel Card 52.1941 N/A
Wire Transfer 52.1941 N/A
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Currency Notes 50.9899 49.5486
Travel Card 50.9899 N/A
Wire Transfer 50.9899 N/A
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Currency Notes 49.1178 47.4284
Travel Card 49.1178 N/A
Wire Transfer 49.1178 N/A
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Currency Notes 18.7636 17.9088
Travel Card 18.7636 N/A
Wire Transfer 18.7636 N/A
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Currency Notes 0.6582 0.6184
Travel Card 0.6582 N/A
Wire Transfer 0.6582 N/A
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Currency Notes 7.4982 7.3522
Travel Card 7.4982 N/A
Wire Transfer 7.4982 N/A
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Currency Notes 1.9554 1.8773
Travel Card 1.9554 N/A
Wire Transfer 1.9554 N/A
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Currency Notes 5.2663 4.538
Travel Card 5.2663 N/A
Wire Transfer 5.2663 N/A
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Currency Notes 18.357 17.532
Travel Card 18.357 N/A
Wire Transfer 18.357 N/A
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Currency Notes 48.6014 47.1452
Travel Card 48.6014 N/A
Wire Transfer 48.6014 N/A
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Currency Notes 223.0731 219.0579
Travel Card 223.0731 N/A
Wire Transfer 223.0731 N/A
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Currency Notes 9.0713 8.3229
Travel Card 9.0713 N/A
Wire Transfer 9.0713 N/A

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Currency Buy Rate Sell Rate
USD 67.66 66.47
GBP 85.6829 80.7018
EUR 74.1218 72.4361
AUD 52.1941 50.5084
CAD 50.9899 49.5486
SGD 49.1178 47.4284
AED 18.7636 17.9088
JPY 0.6582 0.6184
SEK 7.4982 7.3522
THB 1.9554 1.8773
ZAR 5.2663 4.538
SAR 18.357 17.532
NZD 48.6014 47.1452
KWD 223.0731 219.0579
HKD 9.0713 8.3229

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Currency Converter or Conversion Rates in Chennai

A currency converter is a tool which is essential for all forex traders as well as other businessmen. Fxkart rate card only shows the exchange rates for different products and services of the various currencies which are available exclusively for the users of Chennai. This rate card contains values of one unit of the foreign currency expressed in terms of the Indian rupee. On the other hand, a converter can convert any amount of the foreign currency to INR and vice versa.

Here we are going to concentrate on why we need such a tool and on some types of currency converters.

What is a currency converter?

It is a tool which is basically a special calculator used for converting a certain amount from one currency to another.

What is the need of a currency converter?

The simple reason that currency exchange rates keep fluctuating all the time is sufficient as an answer. Market rates are never static and that is why live and real time rates are required for any kind of forex trade.

How do exchange rates change?

The most vital and impact making causes of changes in the market rates are economic and political conditions of the two countries whose currencies are paired. Besides, the frequency of the usage of the foreign currency­whether it is bought or sold- also affects the market rates. In fact, exchange rates for a particular currency of some other Indian city may differ from those of Chennai.

Types of currency converter

Short list converters deal with only the popular currencies. The most traded currencies in the forex market which are of most importance are available in such converters. In a long form converter, you can get details of all the currencies. Converters are also available as mobile applications which are convenient for regular usage with an internet connection.

Fxkart mobile app

In 2015, Fxkart had launched a mobile application which is now widely used by Chennai users. You can get access to a wide range of features such as geo­location and tracking order. This application would surely make forex transactions on Fxkart a lot simpler and easier.


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