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Currency Notes 67.317 66.833
Travel Card 66.9525 N/A
Wire Transfer 67.0025 N/A
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Currency Notes 82.783 81.418
Travel Card 81.9561 N/A
Wire Transfer 82.0171 N/A
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Currency Notes 74.074 72.627
Travel Card 72.901 N/A
Wire Transfer 72.956 N/A
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Currency Notes 51.652 50.549
Travel Card 51.1651 N/A
Wire Transfer 51.2031 N/A
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Currency Notes 51.702 50.0143
Travel Card 50.2756 N/A
Wire Transfer 50.3136 N/A
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Currency Notes 49.399 48.202
Travel Card 48.1428 N/A
Wire Transfer 48.1788 N/A
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Currency Notes 18.619 18.132
Travel Card 18.2911 N/A
Wire Transfer 18.3051 N/A
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Currency Notes 0.666 0.6365
Travel Card 0.644826 N/A
Wire Transfer 0.644826 N/A
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Currency Notes N/A N/A
Travel Card 7.5788 N/A
Wire Transfer 7.5848 N/A
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Currency Notes 1.962 1.908
Travel Card 1.9601 N/A
Wire Transfer 1.9811 N/A
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Currency Notes 5.155 4.545
Travel Card 4.9049 N/A
Wire Transfer 4.904 N/A
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Currency Notes 17.998 17.642
Travel Card 17.9183 N/A
Wire Transfer 17.9313 N/A
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Currency Notes 48.7288 47.552
Travel Card 47.9798 N/A
Wire Transfer 48.0158 N/A
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Currency Notes N/A 218.182
Travel Card N/A N/A
Wire Transfer N/A N/A
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Currency Notes 9.009 8.541
Travel Card 8.6785 N/A
Wire Transfer 8.6855 N/A

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Currency Buy Rate Sell Rate
USD 67.317 66.833
GBP 82.783 81.418
EUR 74.074 72.627
AUD 51.652 50.549
CAD 51.702 50.0143
SGD 49.399 48.202
AED 18.619 18.132
JPY 0.666 0.6365
THB 1.962 1.908
ZAR 5.155 4.545
SAR 17.998 17.642
NZD 48.7288 47.552
KWD N/A 218.182
HKD 9.009 8.541

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Online Currency Converter In Ahmedabad

About Online Currency Converter In Ahmedabad

A simple Google search will fetch you many currency converters through which you can perform the task of obtaining the value of an amount of a particular currency in terms of another currency.

Currencies are always traded and compared in pairs. Exchange rates are stated as a comparison of two particular currencies. Ahmedabad customers are being offered some of the low exchange rates by fxkart through the authorised forex dealers of the city.

Currency converter asks for three inputs, namely the base currency, the counter currency and the amount for the base currency. According to the latest foreign exchange market rates for the particular pair it will display the equivalent amount of the base currency in terms of the counter currency.

Currency exchange rate notation

Exchange rates are mentioned in the XXX/YYY form or simply as XXXYYY. Here the XXX is the base currency and YYY is the counter currency. The value of this notation is the value of 1 XXX currency in terms of YYY currency.

Rate card of

Fxkart lets the Ahmedabad customers view the rate cards for buying or selling of different foreign exchange products for some of the prominent and most frequently traded currencies. These rates are specified only for Ahmedabad and they differ with city. These rates are basically the value of 1 unit of the currency when bought as the desired foreign exchange product expressed in terms of the Indian rupee.

As far as currency conversion is concerned, one can easily convert a certain amount from one currency to another using simple online currency converter. Using these converters you can get access to all the 180 currencies of the world at one go.

Types of currency converters

There are other types of currency converters such as short list currency converter, long form currency converter and mobile currency converter. With the emergence of modernised and well designed mobile apps, there has been currency converters developed as mobile apps for easier usage of businessmen and forex traders in particular. These apps operate with a proper internet connection are really convenient to use.

Ahmedabad customers can get access to Fxkart for absolutely free of cost without any form of membership fee. You can also avail the currency converter available directly on For any assistance you can get in touch with us through our call back option or by simple e-mail or calling us.


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